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Ready, Steady, Freeze! | Black masculine coat, blue knitted sweater and black platforms

Ready, Steady, Freeze!

Anyone who knows me can tell you how much I dislike winter, how my body gets physically depressed when temperatures drop and days become shorter, how the GOT phrase Winter is coming resonates deeply with me as a long-feared threat lurking on the horizon of every October…

However, I am fully aware that as long as I don’t live in the Caribbean where seasons don’t seem to be a thing, I will have to come to terms with that time of the year when a little part of your soul seems to fly away with each exhalation into the biting cold, but also a time when you can get wrapped up in fluffy cardigans, experiment with the number of layers a human body can handle and wear ridiculously oversized coats and chunky boots. You are of course allowed to drink as many hot chocolates and eat as much butter as needed to get you through winter, because people acknowledge you are in hibernation mode and they tend to be less judgemental, including your otherwise-healthy-eating-self.

In an attempt to make peace with my least favourite season, I am experimenting with cosy looks where coats are the heroes and my shy ankles are trying to get a supporting role.


This black masculine coat from Zara really keeps it all together while adding a casual touch to the outfit. I absolutely love it! The only downside is the lack of real pockets. Amancio, what were you thinking??


As you can see, it was not even that cold under this beautiful winter sun 🙂




Hope you are having a fantastic weekend!



{Coat from Zara} {Trousers & Blue knit by H&M} {Platform shoes by Office}

{Bag & Shades from Primark} {Nails INC. in colour Victoria and Albert}

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  1. Mel

    16th January 2017 at 8:44 pm

    Loving the shoes and sexy ankles, and loving the blog, too! Congratulations, mon amour <3

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