She talks Glam

She talks Glam | Denim oversized Jacket & Vintage grey sweater with geometrical motive | Dr. Martens black Bag | 90's vintage

90s kid vibes

Whenever talking about fashion decades, I have trouble choosing one single representative look for a certain period of the history of fashion in my mind. I find it quite challenging, so I go and do some research in an attempt to get my styles straight and as I start to dig further, all Saint Google does is getting me deeper in the sartorial maze!

Of course there are elements that will always evoke a particular decade in our minds: those sixties’ preppy mini–dresses à la Twiggy; flared pants, flared pants everywhere in the seventies; the big shoulders and sprayed hairstyles of the eighties… But 10 years is a lot of time, and it’s obvious that even those iconic elements would change throughout the decade, and there were always tribes of people that would go against the trend of the moment, that would stand out for their unique style vision.

Fast-forwarding to the present, it amazes me to think that those styles once considered underground are now inspiring hundreds of people in their search for uniqueness and individuality. As you may have realised already glamistas, we live in a time where fashion is trendier than ever and there is room for every single style you can think of!

She talks Glam | Denim oversized Jacket & Vintage grey sweater with geometrical motive | Dr. Martens black Bag | 90s vintage

She talks Glam | Denim oversized Jacket & Vintage grey sweater with geometrical motive | Dr. Martens black Bag | 90s vintage

She talks Glam | Denim oversized Jacket & Vintage grey sweater with geometrical motive | Dr. Martens black Bag | 90s vintage

She talks Glam | Denim oversized Jacket & Vintage grey sweater with geometrical motive | Dr. Martens black Bag | 90s vintage

Anyways, this improvised shooting session I had with a friend some weeks ago got me thinking about this stuff, but I realise it may well deserve a post on its own, so I will stop rambling endlessly about the evolution of fashion, and instead will share with you…

My 10 favourite things about being a 90s kid:

1.  The walkman: people call it the original iPod and I have to agree. As a diagnosed musicaholic, there was no place I wouldn’t go with this little portable juke box!

2.  My first Tamagochi: in hindsight I don’t think it was such a great invention (rather a technological device to slave kids, such as tablets and phones are today), but I got obsessed with these little virtual pets and in fact, it was the first thing I ever bought will all my piggy-bank savings –the cashier had to do quite a bit of penny-counting for this one! 🙂

3.  VHS tapes: same as with the walkman, this was the way we would bring the cinema home, renting and recording VHS tapes, plus do you remember those blurry home recordings of your sister’s birthday or the Christmas school play? My parents had lots of them stacked in a beautiful asymmetrical shelving unit made by my dad, and we would always decide together what we wanted to watch. It was a nice and treasured family time for us.

4.  Disney movies: I would lie if I said the most recent Disney movies are as good as the ones created in the 90s. You would fall in love with each and one of the princesses for different reasons, and the soundtracks and drawings were simply amazing. I still keep several Disney Princesses colouring books and I remember getting an Aladdin sketching book that got me drawing Jasmine’s face like it was my purpose in life for two months.

5. Love and friendship letters: ok, not an exclusivity of the 90s, but back in my time (do I sound like a grandma or what?) handwritten letters was a BIG thing. You would write a letter to your bestie to tell her all about your latest crush, the teacher would intercept said letter, your parents would be called for an urgent meeting… this is what I’ve heard happened to other people in my school *ahem*… The point is that handwritten pieces would hold so much value and were really personal. Call me nostalgic, but I don’t think an email or a WhatsApp message will ever replace that feeling of receiving a paper letter.

She talks Glam | Denim oversized Jacket & Vintage grey sweater with geometrical motive | Dr. Martens black Bag | 90s vintage
She talks Glam | Denim oversized Jacket & Vintage grey sweater with geometrical motive | Dr. Martens black Bag | 90s vintage
6.  Our first PC: this is such a classic for a 90s kid. Who could forget that high-pitched intermittent sound when the connection was being established, as if E.T. was actually calling home? Or how my mum became addict to the game of Pinball and we would save data (like a document and a half) in floppy disks, eh?

7.  Casio watches: this is a favourite of mine because I loved to have watches with a light, a timer, i.e. all the cool features. I absolutely adored my classic black Casio, and when broken or lost I’d get a new one. My dad would sometimes find a strap–less watch in the bottom of the river pool when swimming, and guess what? It would still work because they were sturdy water-resistant madafuc*ers! Also, if you haven’t noticed, I STILL wear a Casio wrist watch, only now it’s golden because that’s even cooler, ha! 😀

8. Hair wraps and friendship bracelets after summer camp: I still see these at every alternative fair or festival I go to, but it always brings me back to those summers away from home, where you would fill your hair with those little rainbow coloured pieces of art: colour blocks, criss-cross, stripes, feathers, wooden beads… That and thread bracelets for all your newly acquired friends, in the hope that the distance that would separate you from your new BFFs during the rest of the year could be overcome by simply looking at that tiny colourful strand around your wrist.

9.  Spice Girls: if you are a girl and haven’t been in a Spice Girls band with your gals you didn’t fully experience the 90s, nor did you probably embarrassed yourself in front of a crowd during end of school year show, lip-syncing Wanna be while trying to perform a choreography that you only rehearsed 10 times in Jennifer’s basement for a couple of weekends… Why, God, why??!!

10. Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic: Leo had to be the cherry to this list, dears: my first love, the only real size poster ever hung from my wall, my first heart-break when I saw him sinking in the bottom of the ocean because stupid Rose couldn’t make room for him on the huge bed headboard! Those were real tears of sadness at the cinema, I tell you!!

She talks Glam | Denim oversized Jacket & Vintage grey sweater with geometrical motive | Dr. Martens black Bag | 90s vintage

She talks Glam | Denim oversized Jacket & Vintage grey sweater with geometrical motive | Dr. Martens black Bag | 90s vintage

Bonus: I just discovered MS MR and their tune Think of You has that 80s-90s vibes that totally matches this entry! Go give it a listen if you fancy 🙂

Sorry for the long read, but I hope you liked this kind of post, glamistas, I had so much fun remembering my good ol’ days!

What is your favourite decade, style-wise or others? Let me know in the comments, I would love to read you ☼

Peace & Love


{Denim jacket – Vintage} {Fruit of the LOOM sweater – Vintage} {ASOS Sunnies}

{H&M black jeans} {Primark Shoes & Earrings} {Dr. Martens Bag} {BLANCO bunny ring}

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  1. Anne

    11th May 2017 at 9:47 am

    Hi Saida,
    Haha, I’m a 90s kid too, but probably born a little later than you because I didn’t really experience the Spice Girls craze (though there were girls in my class who invented their own choreos, but to groups like Vengaboys and Aqua, *cough*). But Disney and Tamagotchi were big things for me, definitely (can still sing every line of every “Lion King” song :D). And I love “Titanic”, though only discovered it in the 00s – that “why didn’t she let him on the wooden board” thing bugs every fan – I guess it’s the sacrifice that makes it even more romantic!
    Xx Annegret

    1. Saida

      11th May 2017 at 9:25 pm

      hi girl, loved to read your comment and see that despite the difference in decades we still share a lot of iconic things from our childhoods 🙂 I know all the Pocahontas and Mulan songs (those are my favourite (warrior) princesses! :)) And the ending of Titanic is definitely the ultimate act of romanticism, but couldn’t they have lived happily ever after in the new America? *sigh* Hope you come and visit my little blog some other time, dear!

      1. Anne

        12th May 2017 at 1:34 pm

        Oh definitely, I follow you on Facebook to see what’s your topic of the week 🙂
        Have a great weekend!

  2. Maria | Short Girl Long Jacket

    15th April 2017 at 9:23 pm

    Great 90s outfit and I love your hair colour! Your list made me pretty nostalgic, growing up in the 90s was fun. I was obsessed with the Spice Girls and tried to wear my t-shirt every day to the point my mom would get mad at me lol. I’m not sure if I have a favourite decade for style, I love elements from most decades. Slip dresses and chokers are my favourites from the 90s.

    1. Saida

      16th April 2017 at 10:38 pm

      You made me laugh with your comment Maria! I was such a fan of the Spice Girls too 🙂 Totally agree, I love so many elements from different decades and love to mix things up and reinvent classic looks. Thank you so much for reading, lovely

  3. violettedaily

    15th April 2017 at 2:07 pm

    This vibes are so cool and I love this post! It reminds me so many souvenirs from the 90s!

    1. Saida

      16th April 2017 at 10:37 pm

      Yes, babe, such a cool decade to grow up in 😉 Sending you lots of love ♥

  4. Stella Asteria

    14th April 2017 at 6:24 pm

    What a fabulous 90s look my dear! You look amazing! Such a cool statement and this oversized jacket is a must-have! I am currently searching for the perfect one and yours looks so ideal! I like wearing it with dresses to give a more casual/edgy twist!
    Love your hairstyle by the way!
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Saida

      14th April 2017 at 9:44 pm

      Beautiful Stella, thank you for visiting and for your sweet words. This jacket was a fabulous find from the only Vintage Fair I have been to. I will be styling it with dresses/skirts this spring for sure, as I also love the casual 90s vibe of it 😉 Hope you’re having a fab day. Sending lots of love your way ♥

    1. Saida

      14th April 2017 at 9:38 pm

      I can’t stop wearing them to be honest, also obsessed with these shades 😛 So happy you visited my little virtual corner, Dora! Have a fantastic Easter break Xx

    1. Saida

      13th April 2017 at 4:36 pm

      Aww, you are too sweet, girl! Hope you are having a wonderful week ♥

  5. Andreea Birsan

    12th April 2017 at 7:12 pm

    90s were the coolest! You definitely rocked this look! The shades, the graphic tee along with the denim jacket make the whole outfit stand out! Just perfect! Have a nice week! x


    1. Saida

      13th April 2017 at 4:34 pm

      Thank you for visiting Andreea! Really glad you liked this whole look, I am so obsessed with the 90s vibes lately 😀 Happy week, pretty gal!

    1. Saida

      12th April 2017 at 2:40 pm

      You are so nice Merel! I love it too and cannot stop wearing it when the days are still a bit chilly. Sending you lots of love! Xx

  6. theluxilook

    12th April 2017 at 5:37 am

    Such a good read!!! The 90s was such a fun time to grow up 🙂

    xx, Amy

    1. Saida

      12th April 2017 at 10:20 am

      Yesss, I agree Amy, we saw a lot of changes happening back then, in fashion, technology and everywhere really! So glad you enjoyed reading Xx

  7. Rina

    11th April 2017 at 8:33 pm

    Oh girl~ You just took me through a serious time warp and I can totally relate to everything on your list! I was a 90s kid too and seriously in love with the Spice Girls. I would by multiples of the single double bubble gum chews just to collect the spice girl stickers. I was also madly in love with Leo from Titanic and thought it was the greatest movie ever created. I never really got into the tamagochis. I had one but i feel like I thought it was too complicated to ditched it pretty quickly after getting it lol.

    Rina Samantha

    1. Saida

      12th April 2017 at 10:22 am

      Hahahah, we didn’t have the Spice Girls bubble gum stickers, that’s so funny Rina! I am really glad you enjoyed this post and that we share some of those childhood memories ♥ Happy Wednesday, sweetie!

  8. Siffat Haider

    11th April 2017 at 6:30 pm

    I’m all about the 90’s! I love this outfit, your denim jacket is amazing!

    1. Saida

      12th April 2017 at 10:19 am

      Vintage gems one comes across every now and then 😉 Happy hump-day Siffat :*

  9. The Fashion Folks

    11th April 2017 at 5:40 pm

    So true that fashion today leaves room for so many different styles, I love the democracy! And love the 90s vibe in this outfit babe, that denim jacket is just so chic! Xx

    1. Saida

      12th April 2017 at 10:13 am

      I also love the fashion democracy nowadays, interchanging those labels, decades, inspirations… All is allowed and all is possible ♥ Have a great day Mia!

  10. Sharon Wu

    11th April 2017 at 5:21 pm

    yassss i’m a 90s kid too! missing the good old days. i love that denim jacket on you! xo, sharon

    1. Saida

      12th April 2017 at 10:11 am

      Ah thank you so much for visiting, lovely Sharon! 90s kids rock 🙂

  11. Kate (@katekoutures)

    10th April 2017 at 9:31 pm

    I love that the 90s are coming back in style!

    1. Saida

      10th April 2017 at 11:08 pm

      Yay, me too Kate! Thanks for reading, lovely. Happy day Xx

  12. Steal4Style

    10th April 2017 at 7:15 pm

    Me ha encantado leer tu post, me has hecho recordar mogollón de cosas. Yo tuve una especie de Tamagochi, y todavía me acuerdo de que había que darle de comer, sacarlo a pasear y limpiarlo jajaja. El look de hoy me encanta. Es súper cañero y la inspiración noventera me flipa. Leo Dicaprio también fue mi obsesión, y el póster de Titanic estuvo en mi habitación mucho tiempo. Y miles de recortes y páginas de revistas donde salía él jaja. Un saludo enorme guapa!

    1. Saida

      10th April 2017 at 11:07 pm

      Hahaha, me alegra mucho leer tu comentario, J.! Supongo que los niños españoles se sentirán aún más indentificados con estas cosas, pero me ha encantado crear esta lista y me ha traído muy buenos recuerdos también. Un besazo enorme y buena semana :*

  13. Yara Mel

    10th April 2017 at 5:07 pm

    I had a walkman haha don’t miss it tho…too bulky!
    I miss friendship bracelets for sure – so cool.

    Loved this classy school outfit!

    1. Saida

      10th April 2017 at 11:04 pm

      Ahh, I agree with you, but still was an important part of my life growing up so I had to mention the walkman 😉 Thank you so much for reading and for your sweet comment Yara Mel Xx

  14. Jessica

    10th April 2017 at 1:41 am

    The 90’s era was truly one of the best eras! This look perfectly encapsulate that decade with a mix of grunge and retro!

    Jessica |

    1. Saida

      10th April 2017 at 8:47 am

      Ah I have to agree Jessica, the 90s were awesome, but we are so lucky we get to recreate past trends with a twist nowadays, don’t you think? Happy Monday babe Xx

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