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Spanish expat currently living in England, my name is Saida Antolín and I am passionate about languages, food and fashion. My biggest dream would be to travel the world in style and try all the deliciousness every country has to offer. I have a crazy love for dogs and my family & friends are my extra limbs, can’t live without them! I think hugs & smiles should become an official payment method and that grey skies should be legally banned –you read the first sentence, right? Oh, the ironies of life!

Saida from She talks Glam

She talks Glam was born from a combination of all these passions and a bit of extra time in my hands after my partner started a yearly program in another city. Curiously enough, it is mostly him who takes pictures for the blog while I pretend posing like a supermodel is my everyday jam.

 I like to think my style reflects who I am, an eclectic soul inspired by the widest variety of colours, peoples, cities and dreams. I am no fashion expert but I am an avid learner and the same way I have improved my fashion sense with time and research, I’d love to help YOU find and embrace your unique style!

But that’s enough about me, she doesn’t like to talk to herself but connect with and learn from other beautiful minds, so why don’t you get comfy and hang out for a bit? We might speak the same fashion dialect and I would love to be your friend!



«Glam is a state of mind»

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